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garrie stoutimore

I love this post! How many of us practically killed someone with a baton? I think I accidentally threw one through the garage window. Great to read a slice of your life, Mare.


Hi G: OMG...a baton through the garage window! Of course! I am not the only one who did damage! Hope all is well there, my friend.

pam cressey

Mary, you are a great writer--and what a memory! I never aspired to a baton--I think I knew from day 1 that my legs were too fat to wear and short skirt--but I did go to that first--and only--dance class at age 4. I remember virtually nothing--although I didn't knock anyone out with a baton that would tend to etch the memory in the brain--but it was first experience with "peers." Raised as an only child on a block without other kids, this dance class in a tiny room a block from my house was a shock to the system--I don't think I every recovered from discovering society beyond parents and seniors. I couldn't do anything that others could, but mostly I was just not aware that so many kids could be in one place and I think that was my first awareness that people are different and some people stand out and "do well" while others do not. It was a shock as big as discovering the concept of money and exchange. So happy to hear from you-why are you in New England--on the road again? Miss you here--neighborhood is not the same. Hope Kevin okay. Love, Pam


I always wanted to be a majorette too! only i don't think we have them in England...

Anyway, i really liked this post, found you randomly from Google and it made me smile.

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