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Great post because it was real: elegant words, real emotions. I hate small talk probably for the same reasons you felt insulted by those who “felt sorry” for you; the intention might be there, but substance is lacking. There are very few people in life who are genuine and honest brokers. And it takes an honest broker to know that we all need affection, “atta-boys,” and love. But an honest broker knows that co-dependency is a vice or par with shooting smack.



Sitting at my bench in the lab, reading this was a nice escape. I often find that the memories of my father come on me unexpectedly. This time, it was someone else's memory of him, and their experience that i had the chance to hear about. Thank you. Oh.. and the tory was freakin' hilarious. I can just imagine him sticking out the window. I was laughing a out loud as I read it.

Cheers; love. kisses. JJ

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