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Kathy Gillen Mankin

Great tribute to Dad Mare. He's not forgotten. He lives in all 4 of us - especially his wonderful sense of humor. I'll be thinking of him today as I eat some jelly beans in his honor.

Your sistah

Christina Gillen

"Just call me Sam," he said. And I did and it became Grampasam, too. Even today I can hear his laugh and I think of him when I see a pipe. I bet it is a good day at the beach today!

Douglas C. Hoyt

I read, and cannot stop. You have touched my soul, again.


Ditto to Douglas' comments. You've touched my soul AGAIN as well.

I am taking a break at work, sitting here in my corner cubicle howling laughing and hoping no one thinks I'm crazy over here. Had missed a few entries, so I decided to take a few minutes to catch up. Went through a whole range of emotions (laughter, moved to tears, etc.), so I think my soul has had it's ping for today.

Thanks again, Mary.

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