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Toni Arrington

Very cool, Mary. This installment of your blog is right on time with things going on in my life.

Toni Arrington

David R. Mankin

Good news for you:

I just read that Amtrak & New Zealand Rail have joined forces to offer train service from San Francisco to Auckland beginning fall 2006. I think the train would offer a more scenic trip than a jet, and you could keep your blog up-to-date in the comfort of your train seat - not cramped into an airliner.

I wonder if it stops in Boston on the way?


Julie Swanson

"Growing up is awfuler than all the awful things that ever were."

P. Pan

David R. Mankin

Coincidentally, the train is scheduled to stop in Neverland too.

Erika Grundmann

Dear Mary,

I periodically google George Dibbern and was delighted to see your reference to Quest. As the author of Dibbern's biography, "Dark Sun: Te Rapunga and the Quest of George Dibbern", (Auckland: David Ling Publishing Ltd., 2004) I continue to be amazed that, though he died (in Auckland) in 1962, George Dibbern continues to inspire people of all ages and to validate their own attempts to break free. For a seemingly ordinary guy he has left an incredible legacy.

See my Dibbern website for lots of info about the man, the boat (still in Auckland), his passport and, of course, "Dark Sun".

Erika G.

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