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This one gives me goosebumps... :)


OK, that's very, very cool. And now I'm intrigued -- I want to read the book! Enjoy...sounds like a terrific read and a true gift of an experience.


Michael Macfeat

What a wonderful way to receive that small gem of a book!
I was doing researching Gregoire Boullier on Google and the image for your post intrigued me so I read your piece.
His Report on Myself is equally good.
Forgive me if you know this story but do you know what happened after he broke up with the birthday girl (by email no less) in Mystery Guest? It turns out she is the French conceptual artist Sophie Calle and she devoted her whole exhibition in the French Pavilion at the Venice Biennale to the email. Ouch.
Forgive me if you knew the story and I was being boring and pedantic, i am not sure how well disseminated the information is.
Thanks. Interesting read...I am a sucker for all things Celtic so I couldn't resist stopping by.


Hi Michael...thanks for your note, and no, I was not aware of what happened after "The Mystery Guest" author/birthday girl breakup. Ouch is right! I have not read "His Report on Myself", but I will now. And speaking of mysteries...I still do not know who sent me the book! But that is OK. It remains one of my favorites. Thanks for stopping by. Mary

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