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David R. Mankin

I, therefore, propose that we make the Deep Fried Turkey the official meal of the Fourth of July. There are many states where fireworks are illegal for common man to own. Turkeys, however, are bountiful and legal in all 50 states. There can be temporary frozen turkey stands set up in parking lots. They can sell frozen birds, peanut oil, propane tanks, and Turkey Frying Kits. Imagine the sounds of family members shouting "Ooooh!" and "Ahhhhh!" as a flaming gizzard or thigh flies majestically overhead. After all, Benjamin Franklin wanted the Wild Turkey as our national bird, not the bald eagle. Ben would be so proud! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Jeff Deitering

I have made several fried turkeys - even tried batter fried twinkies once - and they are much better than baked. Never fried an eagle, though; prob'ly not much meat there, so good thing Ben F. didn't prevail.

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