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Um...Mary...if a snake was in my drawer, I think I would probably move out of the house. And I would, of course, leave the drawer behind.

Eek. You are brave.

mike smith

Storm, of SheltieSafe, provides homeland defense for a nominal fee. He has kept my mother's yard chipmunk-free all summer. I think he can handle squirrels too. Call for a quote.


Hey, Mare -- We have a humane trap if you want to borrow it. We got it for "Rocky" the racoon who decided the cat food on the back porch was haute cuisine...

You can also borrow Madeline if you can stand the hound yelps. She actually finally convinced Rocky to evacuate the premises for good when she surprised him upon his return from the state park where we released him using -- you guessed it --the humane trap!

David Mankin

If the squirrel is at Mary's computer and is able to type, could he please make a blog entry here. This one's getting rather stale about now. I'll give you some acorns for your trouble.


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