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Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mary -- it sounds like a wonderful celebration and a wonderful feast. Your family is so lucky to have you to be the permissive (in a good way!) Aunt Mary.

:-) Genie


Happy belated Thanksgiving. It sounds like you had a wonderful time with family. I'm sorry I missed you when you came through New England. One of these days I'm going to drive down to Mason Neck (once I figure out where it is) and surprise you.

Phyllis Sheerin Ross

Mare - - You bring up an interesting question; exactly who is a "pearl person?" My sister gave me a stand of pearls as a wedding gift. And, yes, I did wear them with my wedding dress. My late mother-in-law left me a double strand of pearls, which I wore once to a festive holiday party, with a black velvet dress. Both times I felt like an imposter, because I don't consider myself a "pearl person." The only person I know who wears pearls all the time is the warm and lovely person who cleans our condo every few weeks. She wears the pearls with some old sweats, as she vacumns the rugs, washes the floors, cleans the kitchen, etc. She is a proud and happy person who offers no explanation, as to why she always wears a strand of pearls. Maybe she knows the same secret about pearls that your Mom knew. So, go for it. Wear the pearls. And, please let me know if you discover the secret of being a "pearl person."

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