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Christina Gillen

Just as much as you loved her she loved you back. She trusted you all her life and you never let her down. When it gets lonesome, just think of all the company she has wagging alongside her now: Waldo, Pucka, Molly, Jenna...and I bet Jake will be there too. A big hug to you and Walter.

Kathy Gillen Mankin


Thank you for writing about Ms. Marg. I will miss her greatly. What a love and a sweet girl she was. You gave her such a wonderful life. She's at peace now with Wald eating cookies with Dee.

Your sistah


Hi Mary,

I'm beyond words, so I send hugs to you and Walt.


Mare -- I am so sorry for your and Walt's loss.

I know she's in a better place with no pain -- maybe even jumping in big pools with Ken. It doesn't make the loss any easier though.

Our thoughts are with you.

Jo Soard


There are no words at a time like this but here comes my big cyber hug for you and Walt.

I know how special Ms. Marg was and she will be missed by many.



Oh, Mary...my heart's breaking for you and for Walt...I'm so sorry. Losing a treasured dog...it is such horrid pain, even if there is bitter sweetness in knowing when it's time to release them. Wishing you so well, and sending hugs from Iowa today. Best wishes for good grief and good healing, friend...

John Amberg

OH Marg...how we loved thee. Trust you are now overseeing dogs in heaven and making new friends. Rusty and I miss you all.


What a great life you gave Marg, and what a lot of smiles she gave you. She depended on you to do for her what she could not do for herself--be kind and merciful in her last days. You will miss her terribly, as will Walt, but you will never be short of wonderful memories.


I remember going to the Vets with you - taking Shaman when he passed away. I'm sorry and sad that she has gone, but I know that she is in great company!! There have been so many loving memories with her and the whole family (hot dogs slipped under the table by a notable person). Einstein still cocks his head when I say her name... She made a great foster mother to him... she was patient, loving, and tolerant of all the nonsense he put her through (biting her collar as she ran up and down the stairs holding on for dear life - one of my fondest memories of the two of them). My love to you and Walter! (Einstein too... gives you a big kiss!)

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