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Dave Mankin

What??? You moved? I wondered why your car is parked out front & hasn't moved in 2 weeks.

I left a cheese sandwich on the counter for you. It looks different now. You still want it? I could mail it to you. I'll address it to the lady in the round house filled with rectangular blue tubs, south of Alaska. Should get there in no time! Don't worry- they say the green stuff is good for you.

You're joking, right? You didn't really move, didja?



Oh my gosh, Mary...I am SO PROUD OF YOU! What an exciting adventure...what an amazing way to start your new travels...and new phase of your life. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Dave Mankin

OK.. OK - let me see if I understand this correctly;

I have a new Wegman's down the street, complete with bakery, kosher market, cafe, sushi bar & hot buffet - and you have a pile of blue boxes?

What am I missing here?


Gail Rigler

Well, that is one way to find out what your friend is doing? That would fall into the major category....I am so happy for you. Could I please have a way to send mail to you? So happy for you....


Christina Gillen

"Don't let yesterday use up too much of today" Native American Proverb
from one who has her "blue boxes" in a small storage room...and darn if she remembers exactly what is in what box!

Ellis Tobin

Mary: I'm awed by your blog (i'm so computer illiterate I'm still not sure what blog's are, how they evolved, and what the letter's BLOG stand for). I'm also thrilled and a tad envious of your freedom and adventures. I had a taste of that during my year abroad in the Himalaya's 20 years ago - the best year of my life, indeed. All is well with the Tobin clan. Please give my reagrds to Kevin, Kathy, Chris and could you send me Kevin's phone number. It's been too long since we last spoke. Love, Ellis

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