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Hi Mary,

My Mom is an excellent seamstress. I didn't get those genes, either! :)
I bet G's outfits are fabulous.

Julie Swanson

Don't worry Mary. I was thrown out of knitting class (for being "disruptive") and look how I turned out. OK, bad example.


Oh Cuz, that was a fabulous story! I hadn't heard that one before....I couldn't write to you until I stopped laughing and got the tears out of my eyes. Tsk, Tsk, not the seamstress, are we? Having attended one of those kinds of classes years ago myself, I can totally picture the chaos. (By the way, when I went to sewing class, I carried my supplies in a pretty flowered fabric bag!)


Hi Toni, Julie and Cuz:

TONI: Yes, G's outfits were (and still are) totally beautiful. I am with you. No sewing genes inherited here!

JULIE: Ah, Great Swanoo, you were "disruptive" in knitting class. Thank goodness. If you weren't, I would be worried!

CUZ: Of course you went to sewing class carrying your gear in a pretty flowered bag. Was it green? Ha!

Hope you all are well.

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