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beets? what in hell you got against beets? sheesh...


Beautiful list, Mary. And why aren't we friends on Facebook? ;-)


Hey Mary,

Brilliant post. I'll have to make a similar list and send it to you.


You have a wondering heart and wandering feet; the combination of that and your writing ability makes you my hero!


Hey Kent: Beets. Ugh. You can have mine. And I bet you can cook 'em like no one else. Hey Genie: how are you doing out there in CA? Will find you as a Friend on Facebook. Hey Toni: Looking forward to seeing that list. Come join us on Facebook as well. Hey Q: From one wondering heart to another, thanks. - Mary


I love beets. Especially in red flannel hash- a perfect supper to warm you on a cold November day.
You forgot part 2 to #13... you sing like an angel.
Oh, and about the smoking cigarettes thing- I'm with you. I quit 30 years ago and I still miss them!
Love you,


Oh I LOVE your list, it's so real and raw. Beautiful.


Hey, Mary. I am someone who knows Quinn from writing at Soul Food a few years back. I linked here from her blog and find you a delightful writer and all around good egg. This list made me have to comment. You are a fabulous storyteller!

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