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Dave Mankin

"3:17 p.m. An intoxicated man in his 50s was seen waving and swinging his arms near a local sporting goods store."

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Jayne Sutton

I so miss the police blotter from my hometown newspaper... here in DC, we see swarms of cops, helicopters, etc, involved in some obviously important event, and in the paper, or the news... nothing. One of my favorites from home was an "altercation over a sex doll" between two buddies after an evening in the bar. If I were more clever, I could write a screenplay.


Hey Dave and Jayne,

Daveee, what can I say about "The Intoxicated Man?" I miss him, but this is his choice, not mine.

Jayne, so many parts of life are simply a screenplay. Sharpen that pencil, and WRITE. What a GREAT STORY.

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