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Christina Gillen

Wonderful words for a wonderful man. As I told Kathy, we had an earthquake last night in Colorado and my first thought was: "Must be Uncle Bimmy singing barbershop up in Heaven!" I am sure Sam and Uncle Bimmy are catching up and telling stories right this minute.

Mike Smith

Oh Mary – I'm so sorry. Do you remember how I had the great joy of meeting him? It was at Kathy and Dave's wedding. You were making sure the receiving line went without incident. When I got up to you, you introduced me to “my father's sister, Aunt Cookie.” And then you turned to the tall man next to her and said, “and this is ...” and nothing. You looked at me. You looked at him. (Your first elder moment?) Well – he was a prince. He stuck his hand out and said “Uncle Cookie - I'm Uncle Cookie.” What a guy. It was a joy knowing him.

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